The quality and efficiency of our solutions are of the utmost importance to us. 

We believe that our price is favourable for our customer. Our daily rates, although not the lowest on the market, are competitive. In our opinion, a more significant contributor than daily rate which affects the overall price is the number of days needed to implement a solution. Our experience enables us to focus on value added areas, thus relieving project budget from unproductive activities. Additionally, thanks to the utmost conservative financing of the company there is no pressure on us to continuously increase revenues and/or profitability. In our opinion, it is this pressure that, more often than not, causes the overall solution price inflation and/or quality issues. 

Most of our customer related work is executed by our team members from the comfort of their homes. We visit our customer only if a project, task, or customer requires us to do so. 

If our customer is not satisfied with what we have provided, we are ready to provide a discount up to 100% of the invoiced amount. 

We accept Bitcoin.